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Arsalyn, a non-partisan program of Ludwick Family Foundation, promotes youth civic and political engagement.

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Arsalyn's Democracy in Action civic education project brings high school students trained by their teachers into elementary schools to teach students about democracy and voting. Democracy in Action entails four lessons addressing key aspects of American citizenship and a fifth session devoted to a voting simulation with real voting equipment. The voting simulation is timed to coincide with real elections.  Participating students simulate voting on the same candidates/initiatives as qualified voters in their area.

arsalINFO is our free online database of organizations promoting youth civic and political engagement - searchable by city, state, zip code, type or name of organization.

Arsalyn peer exchanges promote dialogue and best practices among organizations promoting youth civic and political engagement. Arsalyn believes that face-to-face dialogue strengthens our collective ability to engage young people in the democratic process. The peer exchange project provides funding for representatives of diverse groups to visit each other, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

At times Arsalyn collaborates with other organizations on special projects consistent with our mission. The potential for fruitful collaboration and a preference for working with smaller organizations are prime considerations for arsalyn in considering new projects.

From 2001 to 2008 the Arsalyn Program sponsored a national conference designed to serve as a respectful, neutral forum where diverse individuals promoting youth civic and political engagement can meet as collegues. In addition to opportunities for networking, Arsalyn’s national conferences enabled participants to look at ways to get involved in the democratic process and develop a sense of common purpose in working toward their goals.



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