1998/99 Technical Assistance Program

Move 'Em or Lose 'Em: Mobilizing Youth Through Media

Arsalyn Foundation's Technical Assistance Program (TAP) supports organizations already active in the field of participatory citizenship and encourages mutual respect, communication and sharing of best methodologies between these groups. Skills based training conferences provide a forum for training and networking with organizations with similar needs and interests. The focus of Arsalyn's TAP in 1998/99 is mobilizing youth through media.

February 1999: "Move 'Em or Lose 'Em" media training conferences in Los Angeles, CA and Washington, DC
These Arsalyn Foundation Training Conferences brought together 50+ youth (age 13-20) and adults representing 24 organizations from throughout the nation. The dual focus of these trainings were how to develop the message and pitch the stories that participants need for their work, and how to challenge unfair news coverage and media stereotypes when the former is not enough. Presenters were Fenton Communications and We Interrupt This Message (see links below).

July 16-18, 1998: "Move 'Em or Lose 'Em" media training conference in Rosemont, IL

This Arsalyn Foundation Training Conference brought together 90+ youth (age 15-20) and adults representing 50 organizations from throughout the nation. The focus was learning how to to reach young people with your message through television, radio and print media. Another purpose for the training conference was to convene representatives from the diverse spectrum of organizations engaging youth in civics and community, and promote peer learning and exchange among these groups. Sessions and Presenters:

What Works: The Research On What Reaches Young People
Juliette Zener, Research and Evaluation Coordinator, Do Something; and Araceli Alejandre, Youth Organizer, Youth United for a a Better Oakland.

Broadcasting Your Message on Television and Radio
Kristen Grimm Wolf, Senior Account Executive and General Manager, Fenton Communications.

Newspapers Written for and by Youth
Billy Montgomery , Program Director,Youth Communication, and Editorial Advisor, New Expression; and Chanel Polk, Managing Editor, New Expression.

Teen and Alternative Magazines
Marty Murray, Advisor, blue jean magazine ; and Ting-ting Liang, Teen Editorial Board member, blue jean magazine.

Beyond Access: Challenging Unfair Media Images
Kim Deterline, Director, .

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