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National Conference 2000
Arsalyn Foundation is pleased to announce that the National Conference 2000 on Youth Citizen Action will take place in Denver, Colorado on July 14-15 at the Westin Tabor Center

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Arsalyn Foundation is sponsoring a national, non-partisan, non-issue-based conference called "Piecing Together An Inclusive Democracy . . . Youth by Youth" that will convene youth, civic and community organizations working to increase democratic participation among young people. Arsalyn Foundationıs national conferences serve as respectful, neutral forums for diverse groups to come together as colleagues. In addition to the standard expectations of conferences ­ networking, information exchange and learning ­ Arsalyn conferences provide an excellent opportunity for participants to examine each otherıs diverse, interrelated efforts and to develop a sense of common purpose in working toward the full inclusion of young people in the political process.
In convening National Conference 2000, Arsalyn Foundation seeks to create space for democratic exchanges between people and organizations working to promote and enhance participatory democracy. Because our national conferences emphasize the process of coming together as well as the experience of a specific event, to optimize interaction between participants attendance will be limited to 200 people. All participants agree to participate in the full conference agenda and are expected to actively contribute to the proceedings.

National Conference 2000 participants will explore and challenge each otherıs understanding of that fundamental democratic concept known as "citizenship." What is citizenship? How is it defined and passed on to new generations of Americans? Does it require activism? What is the impact of globalization on citizenship? Do youth and adults have different rights, responsibilities and opportunities as citizens?


At the conference, Arsalyn Foundation, in partnership with the Constitutional Rights Foundation, Global Kids, Inc. and Public Achievement, will present a series of training sessions devoted to exploring concepts and issues related to citizenship.
The conference will also offer workshops where participants will be able to explore different models for civic engagement. Workshop topics have been selected to promote active citizenship and will highlight innovative models that further this goal. The workshops will also provide opportunities for participants to deepen their understanding of how diverse strategies contribute to common goals, such as increasing youth political participation. For more details on workshop topics please see the conference agenda.

Groups that identify with the mission of Arsalyn Foundation and are working to enhance participatory democracy, applied citizenship or civic participation. Arsalyn hopes to bring together diverse organizations and perspectives in order to promote inclusive democracy. Participating organizations will be asked to send two representatives - one adult and one person between the ages of 16 and 20. All participants must participate in the full conference agenda.


Arsalyn Foundation will cover certain expenses in order to remove or lessen financial barriers to participation. Arsalyn will reimburse organizations for each participantıs travel (up to $300 for national travel or $150 for regional travel) and provide lodging, conference meals and registration at no cost.

To apply, please fill out the online application. There is no application fee. To request a written application, please call (626) 914-5404 or email . Arsalyn Foundation will confirm receipt of each application and will inform applicants if their registration can be accommodated. Applications will be accepted on a combined first-come, first-serve and application basis, and limited to 200 participants. If your application is accepted, Arsalyn will send you additional information about travel, logistics and the agenda. If Arsalyn is unable to accept your application, your name will be placed on a list of alternate groups. If you have any questions about the application process or National Conference 2000 in general, please feel free to contact Arsalyn Foundation at (626) 914-5404 or at .