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"In assembling organizations from all over the US, I expected activities, workshops, and exposure within a 24-hour period to be relevant, enlightening, useful, and significant. They all were!"

- participant, July 2000 arsalyn national conference

Arsalyn Program
Ludwick Family
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Glendora, CA 91740
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Arsalyn, a non-partisan
program of Ludwick
Family Foundation,
promotes youth civic
and political engagement.

Check here to find out about our current technical assistance projects.

Arsalyn technical assistance projects provide regional training opportunities for organizations and young people working to enhance civic and political engagement among young people grades five through twelve and/or ages 18-24. Technical assistance consists of skill-based training conferences that also provide organizations with similar needs and interests a chance to share experiences.

Organizations are invited to send adult and youth representatives to arsalyn technical assistance events. Arsalyn helps cover the cost of travel, lodging, meals and materials for participants. Participants in the technical assistance project are given the opportunity to evaluate training received and share ideas for future program offerings.

Arsalyn's past technical assistance conventions have included "move 'em or lose 'em" which focused on making effective use of the media and "pathways to participation" which focused on bridging the gap between volunteering and voting. Sessions took place in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and two in Los Angeles with youth and adults from 74 organizations in attendance.

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