Arsalyn's 2007 National Conference "Bridging the Partisan Divide" August 10-August 12  

"It exceeded my expectations beyond anything that I assumed of a conference. It was not intimidating. People were so eager to share ideas and opinions and mostly arsalyn really took care of the participants and made them feel welcome, valuable, respected-that's something few people or organizations can achieve."

- participant, July 2000
arsalyn national conference

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Arsalyn, a non-partisan
program of Ludwick
Family Foundation,
promotes youth civic
and political engagement.

National Conference

Democracy in Action
Democracy in Action is arsalyn's new civic education curriculum guide, now available FREE of charge

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millenial politics
Scott Beale wrote a book about the political attitudes of the millennial generation and asks for your input: check out for discussion, issues, and commentary

civics seminars for teachers
the Hoogland Center for Teacher Excellence offers seminars for government/civics teachers focusing on the principles of the US Constitution; scholarships available

CIRCLE grants for youth research
The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) is accepting grant proposals for research on the civic engagement of young Americans

United Leaders: Fostering Political Dialogue
United Leaders is a nonpartisan, nonprofit action tank training the next generation of idealistic political leaders. We are recruiting a farm team for idealism in politics from colleges across the country. These leaders engage in a full year of political mobilization, training, and action. The farm team is trained at our United Leaders Institute over the summer and deployed each fall to mobilize their communities. The farm team fights to bring American idealism into politics so that one day all Americans will see politics as a way to change the world.

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