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Over 100 high school students mailed in their responses to the Youth Politics Survey of the Youth Voter Report in the September/October 1998 issue of LA Youth - a newspaper for and by LA teens. The average age of respondents was 15 years old. 31% of respondents were males, 69 were females. The survey was adapted from a more comprehensive survey by The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press called "Deconstructing Distrust - How Americans View Government."

LA Youth Politics Survey Results

I plan to vote in every election.
Adults in Pew survey: 51% agree
LA Youth Survey:       70% agree

I am highly satisfied with the state of the nation.
Adults in Pew survey: 20% agree
LA Youth Survey:       20% agree

I basically trust the federal government in Washington.
Adults in Pew survey: 39% agree
LA Youth Survey:       22% agree

The government is inefficient and wasteful.
Adults in Pew survey: 64% agree
LA Youth Survey:       41% agree

People like me don't have any say about what the government does.
Adults in Pew survey: 46% agree
LA Youth Survey:       40% agree

I am frustrated with the government.
Adults in Pew survey: 56% agree
LA Youth Survey:       54% agree

The government should guarantee every citizen food and basic shelter.
Adults in Pew survey: 72% agree
LA Youth Survey:       72% agree

Everyone should have access to affordable health care.
Adults in Pew survey: 75% agree
LA Youth Survey:       92% agree

Everyone should be able to afford college.
Adults in Pew survey: 50% agree
LA Youth Survey:       82% agree

I favor an increase in minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.15.
Adults in Pew survey: 80% agree
LA Youth Survey:       90% agree

I favor hiring 100,000 teachers to reduce class size in public schools.
Adults in Pew survey: 82% agree
LA Youth Survey:       68% agree

I regularly watch the news on TV.
Adults in Pew survey: 72% agree
LA Youth Survey:       70% agree

I regularly read newspapers.
Adults in Pew survey: 62% agree
LA Youth Survey:       27% agree

I regularly use a computer to go online to get information about current events, public issues or politics.
Adults in Pew survey: 24% agree
LA Youth Survey:       19% agree

Government is a good place to work.
Adults in Pew survey: 71% agree
LA Youth Survey:       38% agree

Young people should start their careers in politics or government.
Adults in Pew survey: 40% agree
LA Youth Survey:       11% agree